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Meet our 2020 Kids of Steele Executive Board

  • Liana Assenmacher, Mini Golf Co-Chair
  • Amber Breton, General Board
  • Jaclyn Callahan, Communications Chair, President Elect
  • Diana Croce, General Board Member
  • Ragan Edwards, Co-President
  • Kathy Elsesser, Immediate Past President
  • Phaedra Horkey, Treasurer
  • Jenny Horn, Co-President, Technology Chair
  • Wendy Kurtin, Media Relations, Secretary
  • Julie Muehlebach, General Board Member

  • Lacey Nagao, Communications Chair, Social Media
  • Kelly Perks, Service Chair
  • Tiana Ronstadt, Patient Family Liaison
  • Michelle Rooney, Mini Golf Co-Chair
  • Andrea Wachs, General Board Member

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