Kids of Steele is honored to assist patient families in need of financial help this holiday season. These patients are receiving treatment at Banner Diamond Children’s Center, a strong clinical partner of the University of Arizona Steele Children’s Research Center. With mounting medical bills and some parents’ inability to work due to their child’s care needs, these families have fallen on hard times and needed a little extra support. In addition to adopting four families, we are collecting items for KOS Holiday Gift Baskets that will be presented to families who begin treatment during the holidays, after most organizations’ adopt-a-family programs have ended. This will ensure that they too feel cared for by their community during a very difficult time. Sign up to help below after you meet a few of this year’s special patient recipients…

CHASE, 11 years old – FAMILY #1

Chase was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma and DX in April 2019. Ewing’s sarcoma is a rare cancer where a tumor grows in bones or in the soft tissue around bones, including nerves and cartilage. Chase has received very intensive chemotherapy, most of it in the hospital, and radiation. Chase’s family lives in Benson, so they have a long commute to and from the hospital on a weekly basis. The Benson community has rallied around Chase and his family.  Chase is an awesome kid, with an extremely positive attitude and outlook. He handles his treatment like a champ and he’s inspiring to those around him.

SAVANNAH, 11 years old – FAMILY #2

Savannah was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 when she was 3 years old. After treatment, she relapsed when she was 7 years old, and then had a second relapse in June 2019. She is now a beautiful 11-year old girl who recently had a successful Bone Marrow Transplant with her mother as her donor. Savannah and her family have been through so much in her short life. Her mother, Vanessa, quit her job to be Savannah’s full time caregiver. This was a significant loss of income for their family. The good news is that Savannah continues to come to the clinic weekly, and is responding well to her transplant.

QUINNTON, 4 months old – FAMILY #3

Quinnton is a sweet baby who has been diagnosed with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID), a rare disorder that involves mutations in different genes with the function and development of infection-fighting immune cells. Quinnton’s been in the hospital most of his very young life. He doesn’t have the cells to fight infection or viruses. He had an initial stem cell transplant, with his mother as the donor, but it didn’t take very well so another transplant happened last week. His father continues to work as much as he can, but he also has had to take time off work to care for Quinnton to give his wife a break. Quinnton has three sisters and the oldest has stepped up to help care for her two younger sisters. As they have spent almost four months in the hospital, it’s taken a toll on the family. They all look forward to the day that baby Quinnton and their mom can be back at home.

ALEXANDER, 6 years old – FAMILY #4

Alexander is a 6 year old boy, who was diagnosed at 18 months with hemolytic anemia and giant cell hepatitis. He has been hospitalized many times and receives transfusions every month. Earlier in 2019 his family moved from Tulsa to be closer to family in the Tucson area. The family lives in Oracle and they love the outdoors, going camping and hiking when possible.

To arrange for drop off of UNWRAPPED gifts, please contact us or give your Christmas gifts to any KOS board member by December 13th. Thank you!