With so much generous support, Kids of Steele was able to adopt EIGHT patient families for the 2018 holiday season!

Kids of Steele was honored to adopt several patient families in need of financial assistance this holiday season. These patients are receiving treatment at Banner Diamond Children’s Center, a strong partner of the University of Arizona Steele Children’s Research Center. With mounting medical bills and some parents’ inability to work due to their child’s care needs, these families have fallen on hard times and needed a little extra support. Meet this year’s special patient recipients…

Family 1- Joel, age 16

Joel was chosen due to his family’s need but especially because he has had the most amazing attitude during his treatment for Lymphoma. Every time he comes to the clinic he has the biggest smile and an incredibly positive attitude. He hugs the staff and is so kind to our younger patients. His mom is equally kind and loving which is probably where he gets his great nature! We would love to give Joel a holiday as incredible as he is!

Family 2- Addie, age 4

It it with a heavy heart to report that Addie’s family did not get their Christmas miracle. Four-year-old Addie passed away peacefully on Friday, November 23rd in the arms of her mother. This family needs a reason to smile more than ever so we will still be buying gifts for Addie’s parents and siblings and it is our hope to fulfill their wish list. Please keep this sweet angel’s family in your thoughts this holiday season.

Adelaide Ramsdell
November 20, 2014- November 23, 2018

Addie was diagnosed with leukemia in June of 2017. Her family had just moved here from Indiana at the time of her diagnosis. They have managed a very difficult situation remarkably well as they have no support here in Tucson. Unfortunately she relapsed almost a year to the date of her initial diagnosis. She spent nearly a month in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit due to a reaction from the treatment. She was in the hospital for a Bone Marrow Transplant which was to occur in November. Additionally her brother is highly impacted by autism and is a special needs child. Addie’s dad Ryan was the donor for her BMT. This is a low income family as Ryan works at barely above a minimum wage job. You can find information on Addie and her family on their FB page, Addie’s Updates. Let’s give sweet Addie’s family the extra support they need this holiday season!

Family 3- Marcus, age 8

Marcus was diagnosed with a brain tumor in September of 2017 and has had a very difficult course. After his surgery he suffered a rare development, posterior fossa syndrome. He was in a coma for months and is slowly starting to recover. We are delighted to see his personality shine through as he is now able to talk. He has a great sense of humor! He is still receiving chemotherapy and different types of therapy. His family is from Douglas and this has made an already challenging situation even more difficult. The family structure is stressed and mom is doing her best as a single parent right now. She has managed to maintain full time employment as a medical assistant due to the help of her mom and sister. They stayed with him for months at the Ronald McDonald House when he was in a coma and mom would come up on the weekends. It has been a true team family effort to get Marcus where he is today. Marcus is still in a wheelchair and has a long way to go with his recovery but we are hopeful he will continue to make progress.

Family 4- Katy, age 3

Katy’s family has truly been through so much. They have another child (Joshua) who recently went through treatment for T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma diagnosed in January 2016. Then in May 2018, the family was hit with another hardship when their daughter Katy was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. This is a very rare neurological condition that is now impacting both of their young children. The father is in the military and is working to support the family. This family is so appreciative of any resources and support. They are so kind and humble, we would love to help them in any way we can.

Family 5- Gonwan, age 8

This family is in need of a Happy Holiday after much heartbreak. They had two children with Sickle Cell Disease, Omar and Gonwan. Omar was six. He died very suddenly and unexpectedly in our ER on October 3rd after going into cardiac arrest at home. His mom was in late pregnancy and the shock of his death put her into early labor and that evening she delivered a healthy girl. Gonwan is still being treated here. This is a very low income family. They came to the US as refugees from Africa. Dad works night shift as a caregiver and mom stays home with the kids. Thanks for helping to make this first holiday without their sweet son a little better.

Family 6- Marcelino, age 17

Marcelino “Lino” was diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) in 2010 and then relapsed in August 2017. He has been through so much since 2010 and continues to fight. Due to his progressive illness Lino underwent a bone marrow transplant in May 2018. Through all of this Lino continues to be fun loving, outgoing (once you get to know him), and optimistic about the future. Lino lives with his mother, two sisters, and a brother. His father passed away approx. five years ago which was very hard on the family. Lino’s mother is now a single parent and works full-time to support the family. Lino attends Sahuarita High School and also online school to catch up. His goal is to graduate high school. He loves watching sports, playing basketball, and listening to music. His family is so grateful for this holiday adoption.

Families 7 & 8 – Aiden & Christopher – both patients receiving treatment for Type 1 Diabetes at the Banner University Medical Center Angel Wing for Children with Diabetes. Aiden and Christopher’s needs were brought to KOS late in the season, but we knew they needed help! Their families were personally adopted by Kids of Steele board member families.