These past few months have been difficult for us all. We want check in with you, our valued Kids of Steele supporters, to be assured you are in our thoughts and in our hearts. As is always our notion, we are STRONGER TOGETHER and will get through this as such. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all facing obstacles and challenges. 

While so much of what lies ahead is unknown, there is one thing that we do know; research is STILL happening and Kids of Steele needs your help now as much as ever!  Other diseases have not been put on hold just because of this pandemic. Your membership dues go directly to fund research at the University of Arizona Steele Children’s Research Center. In addition to continuing to support children’s medical research, your Kids of Steele board is actively finding creative ways to give our member families philanthropic and community-supporting opportunities.

At Kids of Steele, we are all about finding the “silver linings” and staying positive during this difficult time. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what KOS is up to! We are devising new and exciting things for your family to participate in to keep your heads up and show some KOS love! Despite everything, we are so excited about 2020 being our 10th anniversary year and we are thrilled that YOU and your family are a part of it!  



Childhood diseases and disorders haven’t stopped just because COVID-19 has hit the world. With limited visitation allowances & restraints on donations, the Banner and Diamond Children’s pediatric units are in dire need of items to keep little hands active and busy while receiving treatment.
Kids of Steele is collecting NEW books and toys for patients still being treated in the Banner UMC pediatric clinics and children’s emergency department. Specifically requested items:

  • Variety of nice blank cards for special occasions like birthdays, celebrations, etc.
  • Poster boards
  • Sandwich bags
  • Look and Find books
  • Legos
  • Building or nesting blocks
  • Teen items (Rubik’s cubes, UNO cards, fidget items, etc.)
  • Brain type games
  • Graphic novels for teens (Ages 14 & up)
  • Model magic
  • Stress balls
  • Light spinners
  • Wikki Stix

Your family can generously donate your time, resources, and efforts to create KOS Take Care Kits for our revered healthcare workers during this difficult pandemic! These kits will be distributed to dedicated doctors, nurses, techs and support staff at the Banner University Medical Center peds Hematology/Oncology clinic and other pediatric units. Your gift will not only be useful, but will help healthcare workers to feel supported and to stay positive. You are making a difference!


  1. Decide what items you would like to include in your KOS Take Care Kits and purchase as many as you will need to create the number of packs you would like to donate (see suggested items list below). Also be sure to get notecards or card stock plus clear zippered bags to hold the items.
  2. Work together as a family to assemble the KOS Take Care Kits.
  3. Have a blast decorating the note cards! Get creative with your embellishment and personal notes, motivational quotes, etc. Sign the card with “Love, your family name and Kids of Steele”
  4. When you are ready, you may drop completed kits off at: Power Women Investing at 6775 E Camino Principal – Tucson, AZ – 85715 or coordinate drop off with any KOS Board member.

Here is a list of suggested items you may want to include in your KOS Take Care Kits. Assemble items into a Ziplock bag. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly and to sanitize the area you are using to prep and assemble the kits prior to starting.
* Starred items must be pre-packaged, store-bought, rather than homemade please.

  • Still or sparkling water bottle or can*
  • Hand sanitizer or wipes*
  • Granola or protein-type bar*
  • Bag of chips, crackers, etc.*
  • Pack of gum and/or mints*
  • Other small treat with long shelf-life*
  • Headband for ear comfort (optional)
  • Fabric comfort mask (optional)
  • Handmade, encouraging thank you card – be sure to sign it! 
  • Anything else you can think of to say thank you & to bring joy! 

The Banner Health COVID-19 Donation Drive is in need of cotton comfort masks for optional social-comfort use by Banner Health Care workers and patients and their caregivers, as requested. Additionally, healthcare workers have requested knit headbands with buttons for attaching mask straps. These headbands help protect sensitive ears after wearing a mask during a long shift. All homemade masks will be laundered before distribution. 

We have included a few YouTube videos that give instructions on how to create these masks, including an option for a child-sized mask. They do require a sewing machine and cotton fabric. You may make with fabric ties or elastic, if you’re able to find it. Any pattern or cotton fabric you can get your hands on is great.  Please click on the links below for a tutorial on comfort mask making:

Cotton social comfort masks, headbands, KOS Take Care Kits, Books and Toys can be safely dropped off weekdays between 9am and 3pm at Power Women Investing – 6775 E Camino Principal, 85715 – or you may make arrangements directly with any KOS Board member.